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Become Physically & Mentally Stronger While You Get Your Ideal Physique With Our 6 Week Get Strong Now Challenge!

In 6 short weeks, you’ll tone/sculpt your body, get leaner and build muscle mass, burn fat and improve your strength whilst ditching the "Spare Tyre"!

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Improve Your Strength And Health

Improve Your Strength & Health

With our challenge you’ll eliminate/prevent any aches and pains, strengthen your bones and joints, move better, feel better, whilst improving your heart health, stress levels and fitness.

Physical Appreacnt



The 6-week Get Strong Now Challenge is the most effective way to sculpt, and tone your body so not only will you feel amazing but you’ll dramatically improve your body composition in the process.


Become Mentally Resilient & Strong!

Improving your strength has an incredibly long list of benefits to anyone’s mental wellbeing including decreasing your stress and anxiety levels. Create bundles more mental energy and alienate feelings of fatigue, whilst you massively boost your confidence and self-esteem.

In Just 6 Short Weeks:

  • Massively improve your overall strength
  • Tone & sculpt your body
  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Regain your confidence
  • Restore your energy levels and get that spring back in your step
  • Improve your sleep
  • Transform your physique and physical ability!

Meet Your Expert Body Transformation Coach

Karl Doyle

Dear North Dublin Resident,

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How can I improve my fitness and feel healthier?
  • I’m feeling low on energy - how can I find a different perspective to feel better?
  • How can I find time to workout and improve my nutrition?
  • How do I incorporate a new fitness regime into my busy lifestyle and feel part of close community?

If so, you’re in the right place...

Getting fit and healthy can be tough but with the right coaching team, community and accountability that consistently help you towards your health and fitness goals – it becomes much easier.

If you’re frustrated and unclear what to do next with your weight and fitness level and know you have the potential to get in the BEST shape of your life then can help you so you’ll never struggle again to get fit and feel healthy.

KDF Strength & Conditioning is led by fitness expert Karl Doyle, who is considered the authority on getting everyday people in the BEST shape of their lives.

He is the expert people go to when they need help with their own health, fitness, nutrition, mindset and wellbeing.

No matter what your current level of fitness is, if you live in North Dublin, Karl and his team can show you how to reclaim your body fast and achieve your health and fitness dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I get bulky by taking part in the Get Strong Now Challenge?

The short answer is no. The reality is that strength training should be in everyone’s weekly routine. What will happen is you’ll tone up and create lean muscle whilst you burn fat.

  • What if I haven’t exercised before/in a long time?

We’ll start you slow, but get you results fast! We’ll be able to coach you and get you the results you want regardless of your experience levels. Whether you’re a first-timer or you do have some past exercise experience, we’ve got you covered. 

  • What if I have existing injuries/pains?

Your programme will be carefully tailored to accommodate your needs if you do have any injuries, so much so you’ll find throughout the programme that you’ll start to eliminate any previous pain and actually strengthen those areas!

  • What can I expect after 6 weeks of the Get Strong Now Challenge?

After 6 weeks you’ll become a stronger version of yourself in every aspect of the word! You’ll look better, feel better and have bundles of energy right from when you wake up in the morning and throughout the whole day.

These Local Residents Did It, & So Can You!

A big thank you to Karl, ciara and jenny at KDF Strength and conditioning. Just completed a 12 week challenge with these guy's, and have to say I couldn't be happier with my results. The classes are very tough particularly for a 50 year old like myself who hasn't trained or dieted for a long time. in just 12 short weeks with the experience and encouragement from the team at KDF, I was able to shed 23lbs of fat from my body, 4.5 inches from my waist alone. The guys are very knowledgeable in all aspects of nutrition and are always on hand to help you with the diet. The best thing about joining the gym for me it changed my whole lifestyle, it makes you think about food choices, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle . I can honestly recommend KDF Strength and conditioning to anyone seriously thinking of changing their lifestyle for the better. No matter what age.

Declan Magennis

Karl and the girls Ciara / Jenny are fantastic - always are in good humour and very welcoming. Certainly a place I feel at home. I have been to many other gyms pervious and trust me it’s safe to say this is by far the best. Training now almost 20 weeks and haven’t looked back. My strength is now what I would like it to be and I am only getting stronger �.. Thanks to you all

Darren Scully

Hi, I'm Fintan Lalor a 34 year old Bank Manager. I have been personally training with Karl for 5 weeks now. I have completed 3 sessions per week for the last 5 weeks. Karl was recommended to me by a work colleague as she had been through an 12 week body transformation program and couldn’t speak highly enough of her experience.

For myself the reason I wanted to join was to primarily lose weight but also for the mental benefits of getting stuck in to a personal training program.

Before I started training my diet was horrendous, I would easily have at least 4 take aways a week. Also my lunch choices were very poor, this all added to me putting on a considerable amount of weight over the last year. As part of the program, Karl tailored a nutrition plan to suit me. It was extremely thorough and I haven’t once felt like I’m on a diet. The portions are plentiful but full of the right stuff. Karl has even thrown his eye over the menus of restaurants for me to let me know what I can eat when I go out.

I haven’t drank in 6 weeks as I’ve totally committed myself to the program. I can honestly say I feel fantastic. I’m full of energy and in good form all of the time. I’ve had gym memberships in the past and kept them up for a few months here and there but this time I really feel like I’ve made a lifestyle change and will look to keep up the work outs and healthy eating for the rest of my life. (although I’m dying for a beer!)

Karl is an absolute gent of a man and great craic too. He is extremely knowledgeable and I’ve learned so much in the 5 weeks I’ve done personal training with him. For anyone looking to learn about nutrition, looking to lose weight or looking to improve their mind-set, I can’t recommend Karl enough. As clichéd as it sounds, I feel like a new man and I’ve definitely turned a monumental corner in my personal well being. Thanks so much for everything Karl.

Fintan Lolar

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